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Archie Whitewater - 'Archie Whitewater' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Archie Whitewater - 'Archie Whitewater' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Archie Whitewater - 'Archie Whitewater' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Archie Whitewater - 'Archie Whitewater' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Archie Whitewater

Archie Whitewater

Black Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl LP Record

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  • Dec 11, 2012
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 664425405316
  • GET54053LP
  • 8.2 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Get On Down
Archie Whitewater was not a person. (No one in the eight-piece band was named Archie Whitewater.) Archie Whitewater was a much heralded music group who specialized in smooth, laid-back, soulful jazz-rock, similar to contemporaries like Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Ballin' Jack. (GET 51289)

Originally released in 1970, the group's self-titled album blends a healthy mix of jazz, psychedelic and rock, landing squarely in the middle of the musical revolution occurring at the time. Being that this was the group's lone release along with the album's mixed bag of musical styles, it's not easy to categorize such a relaxed and fluid album as anything short of "brilliant."

Spanning 11 tracks, Archie Whitewater is filled with many standout cuts, from the frantic guitar and horns of "Home Again", to the powerhouse instrumental "Hulk." The album's center-piece however, is the mellow ballad "Cross Country", famous among crate-digging circles as it has frequently been sampled into hip-hop tracks, including Akinyele's "Bags Packed" and Common's "Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs Poor Man)" .

Available on vinyl for the first time in decades, Get On Down is proud to present this land-mark release. This album is a must for fans of eclectic musical styles mixed with plain old raw musicianship. Archie Whitewater has been remastered and perfected to the highest standard of quality that has been the definition for each Get On Down release.
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