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Armyfatique - 'The Initiation' [CD]
Armyfatique - 'The Initiation' [CD]
Armyfatique - 'The Initiation' [CD]
Armyfatique - 'The Initiation' [CD]


The Initiation


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Armyfatique is a new hip hop producer's collective, consisting of DJ Krylon & Lostsun. Krylon was a well-known DJ during the late nineties and early 2000's. In that period he rocked many stages and venues throughout the whole of Holland, whether solo or with his group The Frontline. Next this the former graffiti writer kicked up dust with his now classic 'Fo The Heads' mixtape series. The Frontline dropped their first album 'Certified Bangers' in 2005 before breaking up. In 2005 Krylon hooked up with Lostsun. After a few studio sessions, spontaneous jam sessions on the MPC saw the light of day and Armyfatique was formed. They both had the same taste in music as well as a similar vision. Since that day both cratediggers worked hard to let their music be heard to the whole world. This resulted in album placements on albums by Killarmy's Dom Pachino, Vordul Mega, Ciph Barker, Bekay and Q-Unique.

Now Armyfatique is ready to unveil the debut compilation album titled The Initiation. The album is a result of two years of blood, sweat and dusty loops in combination with the musical and artistic ingredients of the two beat-heads: raw 90's oriented boom bap with a flavor of some sweet soul, finished with a futuristic topping. All tracks are produced by Lostsun and Krylon. Next to this, the mixing, the mastering and the artwork were done too by the two creative gentlemen, making The Initiation a true look into the world of Armyfatique. With this CD, Armyfatique follows the way of producer-branded albums that people like DJ Muggs, Alchemist and DJ Babu paved before them. The Initiation contains 16 hard-hitting bangers with a steady independent NYC line-up: Trife Da God, Mr. Metaphor (of Brooklyn Academy), C-Rayz Walz, Q-Unique, Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox) and more. Are you ready to be initated into the world of Armyfatique?
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