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Astonish & Selfish & Decay

Interview (At SXSW - Austin, TX - 3/15/08)


6th St. in Austin, Texas is a crazy place, and during SXSW it's absolutely bananas! You never know who you might run into randomly, and in this case we randomly linked up with Astonish, Selfish, and Decay of the Molemen fam and Green Llama crew. These cats have been putting in work lately and selling CDs out of UGHH like you read about. Catch up with the fellas and hear what's really good with their plans for the 2K8 and beyond. Also - Peep the exclusive cipher at the end!
  • Jun 16, 2008
  • 05:45
  • Interviews
  • Uncut Raw
  • DJ ON&ON