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Atmosphere - 'Strictly Leakage' [CD]
Atmosphere - 'Strictly Leakage' [CD]
Atmosphere - 'Strictly Leakage' [CD]
Atmosphere - 'Strictly Leakage' [CD]


Strictly Leakage


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Atmosphere, the dynamic duo of Slug & Ant, have been on quite a roll latelywith their Summer, Fall and Winter Sad Clown releases and their upcomingsixth offcial studio release, When Life Gives YouLemons, You Paint That S**tGold dropping April 22nd. This past Christmas Slug & Ant also delivered a holiday gift to their fans in the form of the free download album StrictlyLeakage. With well over 100,000 downloads and much critical acclaim, you cannow pick up Strictly Leakage on a limited CD.
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