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AWOL One & Gel Roc - 'The Cloaks' [CD]
AWOL One & Gel Roc - 'The Cloaks' [CD]
AWOL One & Gel Roc - 'The Cloaks' [CD]
AWOL One & Gel Roc - 'The Cloaks' [CD]

AWOL One & Gel Roc

The Cloaks


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Awol One (ShapeShifters) and Gel Roc (EX2) have been making quality hip hop music individually & together since the early 1990's. Both are emcees/artists in their own right, and hail from the Los Angeles acclaimed hip hop crew, Mass Men and graff crew, Life Seen Differently. After a multitude of collaborations on each others' albums & mixtapes alike, it was inevitable that they would form a singular alias known as "The Cloaks", which represents a conglomerate of ideas & idioms.

As an identity, The Cloaks is a brotherhood like the neighborhood watch. Masked men from the Mass Men. B-boys & vandals with hoodies & locs. As a hip hop duo, it's the voice & views of two veteran emcees spitting heavy subconscious raps over unrelenting production by Awkward (Machina Muerte). Conceptually, the album stays within the themes of clandestine conspiracies & facetious falsehoods with song titles such as, "Rule by Secrecy" & "Invisibility".

The Cloaks features guest appearances from Existereo, Gonjasufi, Grayskul & Abstract Rude. Turntable work is handled by the wax fondler himself, D-Styles (Invisibl Skratch Piklz) as well as UK DJ, Sir Beanz. Surreal collagist, Albane (France), is responsible for the cover art, disc artwork by Toobz (LSD).
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