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B. Girls - 'Live & Kicking (Extended)' [CD]
B. Girls - 'Live & Kicking (Extended)' [CD]
B. Girls - 'Live & Kicking (Extended)' [CD]
B. Girls - 'Live & Kicking (Extended)' [CD]

B. Girls

Live & Kicking (Extended)



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Hard to believe but before the likes of Missy Elliot, Rah Digga or Lil Kim broke big, a female on the mic was seen as an anomaly. But, as B.Girls from B Boy Records proves, women have been an important and vital part of Hip Hop since "back in the day". Looking to give the B. Girls some shine, B Boy assembled this (long out of print and never on CD) compilation of some of the Tri State's most exciting female talent back in '87. From the original liner notes, "female rappers are aching to be a part of this rap ideology, and now B Boy records has done it, we're giving all the girl rappers a champion they can root we have a B Girl Possie in full effect: Sparky D., L.A. Star, Baby Doll, 5 Star Moet."

This important piece of old school archeology is back in effect and available for the first time on CD. The music is lovingly remastered from the original audio and packaged in a six panel digipack filled with original B.Girls photos and imagery.

As the original liner notes say: "B. Girls from B Boy Records. Fresh forever suckers."
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