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Bad Brains - 'Black Dots' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Bad Brains - 'Black Dots' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Bad Brains - 'Black Dots' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Bad Brains - 'Black Dots' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Bad Brains

Black Dots

Black Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl LP Record

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By the early summer of 1979 the BAD BRAINS were already tearing up Washington D.C. They were armed with a tape they made at rehearsal, a real rugged thing, and were looking for people to play it to. The Slickee Boys heard it and suggested the band go out to record these songs at the fledgling Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA. What you are holding in your hands is the band's first full-length session of any kind in a recording studio. At that time, Inner Ear was DON ZIENTARA's basement. Don had a four-track Teac 1/4" tape deck and a small drum booth to one side of the basement. DOC and DARRYL set up in the main space while EARL somehow got himself into the "closet" with his drum kit. HR was in the backyard with the vocal mic (you can hear Don's son speaking to HR between tracks along with some crickets, too) and Don was set up in the kitchen upstairs. This day everything was just right and the band played straight through their live set of that time including "Black Dots" and "Pay to Cum," songs that were just too fast to ever be performed live to the band's satisfaction. The set on this record represents all of the band's songs, their first month's output, starting with the first song the band ever wrote, "Don't Need It." As is true with all four-track recordings, some decisions were made "going to tape," most notable is the eerie reverb on the drums, and these choices are forever a part of the mix. 180-gram vinyl pressing with full-color innsersleeves.
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