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Bad Seed - 'Dirty Urine' [CD]

Bad Seed

Dirty Urine


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Bad Seed has been making noise on the underground hip hop scene for over a decade. With his irreverent attitude and penchant for raising a ruckus his name is known nationally and intemationally as one of the baddest MCs around. A permanent fixture on the New York mix tape scene from back in the day he took his bad rap to the next level when he went on tour with the West Coast don Snoop Dogg and recorded a song with multi-platinum artist Usher.
Bad Seed is known for keeping it gritty and going at anybody, he has no fear and his commanding voice on the mic and captivating swagger are just some of the reasons fans keep coming back for more. His new album Dirty Urine is aptly titled and full of some of the gulliest, hard hitting beats and lyrics around. The album is executive produced by rap industry icons Howie McDuffie and Ill Bill. McDuffie made his name at Rawkus breaking influential acts like Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch. Ill Bill is known for his business savvy and as one of the founding members of Non Phixon, the infamous indie rap super group.
Dirty Urine is produced entirely by Midi Mafia, the production group of "21 Questions" fame, and the album features the typical Bad Seed material. Bad Seed is known for disrespecting everyone and everything, "Cut the Damn Check,"'With Me or Against Me," and "My Name Bad Seed," Whether you love Bad Seed or hate him, rap fans worldwide know one thing is for certain: Bad Seed won't be denied and Dirty Urine is sure to be one of the "baddest things" around in 2006.
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