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Ballin' Jack - 'Ballin' Jack' [CD]

Ballin' Jack

Ballin' Jack



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  • Feb 14, 2012
  • Rock & Alternative
  • 664425128925
  • GET52189CD
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  • Get On Down
Seattle Washington's horn rock legends, Ballin' Jack originally formed in 1969 after witnessing the success of their childhood friend blossom and then explode. Who was this childhood friend? Well none other than the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

While Ballin' Jack never reached the same olympian heights that Hendrix did, their self titled debut garnered critical acclamations and respect amongst horn rock aficionados. Most of the material from their self titled debut album was played on tour with Hendrix, when they joined him in 1970 on his "Cry of Love" tour.

Ballin' Jack scored modest mainstream success with their single "Super Highway", peaking at #90 on the US Billboard Singles chart. Hip Hop fans will recognize Ballin' Jack for a different reason. The song "Found A Child" was famously sampled for Young MC's enormous hit "Bust A Move".

Get On Down is proud to present Ballin' Jack's self titled debut as it was intended to be experienced, with a beautiful new digital transfer from the original analog tapes.
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