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Balti - 'L'Album Avant L'Albombe' [CD]
Balti - 'L'Album Avant L'Albombe' [CD]
Balti - 'L'Album Avant L'Albombe' [CD]
Balti - 'L'Album Avant L'Albombe' [CD]


L'Album Avant L'Albombe


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Born in Sidi Hasseen, (a very rough area of the city of Tunis) in Tunisia, is the voice of the people, Balti. As a rapper/ producer/ composer, Balti has been in the African Hip Hop scene since early 2000. Recognized as the "Arabic 2Pac" and godfather of rap music in North Africa, Balti has impacted people of all ages with his symbolic message and knowledge throughout each song. When a fan listens to Balti's music, they hear the rhymes and beat each tell a story throughout every song. Through the success of getting national radio play in Tunisia, as well as international TV appearances on major networks, Balti has now been exposed on an international level throughout Africa and Europe. Getting straight of a tiring one month of touring with 33 shows, Balti made this mixtape, "L'Album Avant L'Albombe" (The Album Before The Bomb) before the anticipated release of his first official album through Raw Poetix Records as a brief introduction to who he is as a rapper and producer. Be on the lookout for his production album debut with very special guests!
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