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<!--020070206015923-->Barry McGee - 'Things Are Getting Better' [Book]
<!--020070206015923-->Barry McGee - 'Things Are Getting Better' [Book]
<!--020070206015923-->Barry McGee - 'Things Are Getting Better' [Book]
<!--020070206015923-->Barry McGee - 'Things Are Getting Better' [Book]

Barry McGee

Things Are Getting Better


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  • Feb 06, 2007
  • 8.75" X 6.75"
  • GRBTBM0901BK
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  • Museum Het Domein
  • Barry McGee
Influenced by '70s and '80s graffiti, tramp art, Mexican muralists, and the Beat culture of his native San Francisco, painter Barry McGee has been lionized by the hardest-core graffiti fans and world-class museum curators alike. His meticulous lettering, melancholy figures, and innovative use of colors have earned him cult-icon status around the world, and his renowned body of work can be credited for bridging the gap between "street art" and "high art." McGee's solo shows have included the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1998), the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (2000), Deitch Projects in New York (1999 and 2001), the 49th Biennale in Venice (2001), the Fondazione Prada in Milan (2002), the Deste Foundation in Athens (2004), and John Kaldor Projects in Melbourne (2004).

Things Are Really Getting Better is the name of McGee's most recent solo exhibition at the Museum Het Domein in the Netherlands. The 178-page catalogue provides a comprehensive view of the artist's career-from his early work on the streets and in handmade zines to his latest installations featuring eye-popping geometry, upended vehicles, and mechanized taggers. It's the most expansive and complete study of McGee's work to date.