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Bassnectar - 'Underground Communication' [CD]


Underground Communication


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The highly anticipated new artist album from underground cult heavyweight, Bassnectar, combines the visceral melodic presence of modern listening music with the force and volume of sounds system dancehall devastation! Playing at over one-hundred and fifty shows a year; to thousands of different people a month; from sold out festivals to overcrowded clubs and warehouses, to tightly packed tiny bars and venues; Bassnectar's enormous popularity reflects the current hunger for raw substance in modern music. "Underground Communication": is an exploration of hiphop culture, featuring scores of MCs and rhythmic poetics mashed atop a heavy, driving range of tempo and of course, those signature throbbing bass lines. Rooted in political conviction, philosophical intention and backed by a rabid fan base and dedicated following, "Underground Communication" sets a new standard for the possibilities of merging music, art, new media, and social activism.
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