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Beanie Sigel - 'The B. Coming' [CD]

Beanie Sigel

The B. Coming


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While many rap artists focus on being prolific, Beanie Sigel has represented a form of measure, letting his rhymes develop, his patience paying off in a forceful, focused flow that has earned him critical approval and multi-platinum sales. THE B. COMING, Beanie's third solo record in six years, arrived in early 2005 with a certain urgency, as the Philadelphia native faced a potentially lengthy jail sentence on multiple charges. However, despite the circumstances, Beanie Sigel remains on target on THE B. COMING, with many guests showing up to support the skillful rapper.

On the opener, "Feel It in the Air," producer Heavy D provides a lush jazz-funk backdrop that starts the album off on a high note. Over a trademark Neptunes beat, Beanie addresses the charges leveled against him swiftly and defiantly on "Don't Stop," aided by a typically relaxed Snoop Dogg. Throughout the disc, Beanie invites some of the most verbally adept rhyme-sayers in the game to stop by, from Redman to Jay-Z to Freeway. Of course, Beanie isn't about to be outshone by anyone, his assertive growl standing out as he issues a strong statement of his importance before the courts decide his fate.

The General of the ROC is back with his third album. The drama in his last year has been filled with gun charges, drug charges, court dates, federal sentencing, a hung jury, and a mistrial. During this time he also starred in State Property II which opens in theatres in April '05. Beanie took all his experiences and emotions and created one of his most honest, serious, and forward thinking albums to date.
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