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<!--020080708014341-->Amir H. Fallah, Marc Lemoine, David Gonzalez - 'Archive' [Book]
<!--020080708014341-->Amir H. Fallah, Marc Lemoine, David Gonzalez - 'Archive' [Book]
<!--020080708014341-->Amir H. Fallah, Marc Lemoine, David Gonzalez - 'Archive' [Book]
<!--020080708014341-->Amir H. Fallah, Marc Lemoine, David Gonzalez - 'Archive' [Book]

Amir H. Fallah, Marc Lemoine, David Gonzalez



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  • Jul 08, 2008
  • 192
  • 7.5" X 10.25"
  • BD01BK
  • 30.1 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Beautiful Decay Magazine
  • Amir H. Fallah; Marc Lemoine; David Gonzalez
On August 19th, 2006, Beautiful/Decay curated it's first show: Archive. Featuring works by Aya Kato, Jesse LeDoux and Friends with You, Beautiful/Decay published the Archive catalog to accompany the show; it is the most comprehensive collection of the featured artists' works. Archive features forty-four pages of each of the artists' work, along with all of their original magazine interviews. Perfect bound 196 page full color book.

Artist Bios:

Aya Kato, a young artist from Japan, first graced the cover of Beautiful/Decay (Issue: K) with a breathtaking illustration. Transforming a common fairytale or love story into a vivid work of art, Ayas creations reference everything from anime and manga, to the French art nouveau movement and traditional Japanese scroll art.

Skwaks art provides a glimpse into the secure realms of Skwakworld as it translates to the serious subject matter of reality. First featured in Issue: J, Skwak utilizes flat illustration and plush forms to conjure his Koogai, a personification of disgust and a visual critique on the decrepit state of our world.

Jesse LeDoux, a veteran art director and designer, has created iconic album and poster artwork for such artists such as The Shins, Iron and Wine, and Hot Hot Heat. Showcasing his talent in Issue: M of Beautiful/Decay, Jesses art combines his avant-garde design sensibility with pop cultural and musical influences.

Friends With You formed by Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval in 2002, was created with one basic concept in mind and that was to become friends with you. Originally interviewed for Issue: J, this artist group has spread its message globally with signature plush dolls, modular wooden toys, public art installations, and motion pictures.