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<!--020121002050158-->Beautiful Decay - 'Book 9: The Seven Deadly Sins' [Book]
<!--020121002050158-->Beautiful Decay - 'Book 9: The Seven Deadly Sins' [Book]
<!--020121002050158-->Beautiful Decay - 'Book 9: The Seven Deadly Sins' [Book]
<!--020121002050158-->Beautiful Decay - 'Book 9: The Seven Deadly Sins' [Book]

Beautiful Decay

Book 9: The Seven Deadly Sins


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  • Oct 02, 2012
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Staring in the 14th Century the Seven Deadly Sins have captivated the masses through depictions of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony in works of art, literature, and oral traditions. As a subject, the Seven Deadly Sins continues to thrive in contemporary visual culture.

As a starting point of investigation the Seven Deadly Sins issue of Beautiful/Decay is dedicated to those artists who's work continues to explore the concept of the "sins" that have inspired artists for centuries.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Pride - This is a feeling of superiority and an excessive belief in a person's own abilities. This is usually considered the worst of the sins.

Anger (or Wrath, or Ire) - This is a feeling of hostility or rage, often leading to violence.

Lust (or Lechery) - This is the desire for physical and especially sexual pleasure.

Covetousness (or Greed or Avarice)- This is the desire for material gain.

Gluttony - This is consuming too much of something which might be good in moderation. It most usually refers to food, but can be used about any material goods.

Envy - This is the desire to possess what others have, including both material goods and personal attributes.

Sloth - This refers to spiritual apathy as well as simple laziness.