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<!--020020601034097-->Beautiful Decay - 'Issue C' [Magazine]

Beautiful Decay

Issue C



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  • Jun 01, 2002
  • 10.7 oz
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  • Beautiful Decay Magazine
Another installment of Beautiful/Decay packed with street art. Issue C issue spotlights now-notorious street artist Banksy before his insane international fame. Includes a review of Banksy's book Existencilism, record reviews penned by Banksy and more.

Issue C also features articles on Witz, UPSO, Sigh, Coupe, RotGut, Iranica, and Jessamyn Lovell and interviews with KGBE and David Choe, the designers of Neasden Control Centre, Eli Gesner of Zoo York, designer Dan Ezra Lang, and musical group Denali.