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Benihana Kenobi - 'Anthology' [CD]
Benihana Kenobi - 'Anthology' [CD]
Benihana Kenobi - 'Anthology' [CD]
Benihana Kenobi - 'Anthology' [CD]

Benihana Kenobi



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Benihana Kenobi is an underground emcee, beatmaker and producer from Asheville, North Carolina. Growing Benihana was introduced to Hip Hop through basketball and his Friends at school. Around 2004 durring the height of Napster he became highly influinced by Non-Phixion, Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Benefit, Linkin Park, Haystak, 9th Wonder, Daft Punk and OutKast. Kenobi's first official performance was at his 6th grade career-day where he rocked the mic for the first time after honing his skills on the basketball court as a child. By 2006 Benihana was making beats and recorded his first mix tape with his group Advanced Placement Records. Benihana is now a member of Metro Zoo, the South Carolina underground hip hop super group.
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