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Bibio - 'Silver Wilkinson' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


Silver Wilkinson

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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In Steven Wilkinson, aka Bibio's own words: "If there was a preconceived idea before this album started coming together, it was to do something more organic and live sounding than 2011's Mind Bokeh."

Bibio loves seasonal change. For him, seasons are like chapters... and so are albums. While creating his new opus, he found a refreshed inspiration interacting with nature, far from the metric walls of the studio: "Some songs started in my garden on a gorgeous sunny day when it felt morally wrong to be indoors. I still had the urge to make music so I selected some gear and took it into my garden, and when I listen to that track, I still hear the sunshine and the garden in them".

As for the sound of the album, Bibio strived for what could be called a panoramic filmic sound. A combination of what he'd already learned from the past and what he still wanted to achieve. From this mixture of years of experience and exploration of new sounds results a meditative and mature album. As Stephen says: "I know if I didn't spend so much time listening and thinking about the things around me, this album would sound very different".
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