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Big City - 'The City Never Sleeps' [CD]

Big City

The City Never Sleeps


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Big City members Psycho Les (Beatnuts), Al Tariq aka Fashion (Beatnuts) & Problemz (Missin Linx) have made a huge impact on the hip hop world together and individually. From their classic Beatnuts albums like Intoxicated Demons, Musical Massacre, Take It or Squeeze It, Street Level & Stone Crazy to the underground smashes like Al Tariq's God Connections and Missin Linx's Exhibit A EP, these guys have always been a favorite amongst the fans. Now for the first time, all three join forces toform Big City and drop a modern day classic with that feel good humor Beatnuts fans have grown to love. As you would expect all the production on this album is provided by none other than The Beatnuts. A collaboration made in heaven, it could only happen in the Big City That Never Sleeps.
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