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Big L - 'The Danger Zone (Rare Freestyles & Tracks)' [CD]
Big L - 'The Danger Zone (Rare Freestyles & Tracks)' [CD]
Big L - 'The Danger Zone (Rare Freestyles & Tracks)' [CD]
Big L - 'The Danger Zone (Rare Freestyles & Tracks)' [CD]

Big L

The Danger Zone (Rare Freestyles & Tracks)


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With his untimely death in 1999, Big L's departure left a void in the hip hop scene that can never be filled. Known for his witty, literary, lyrical style and for being near, but never quite at the center of commercial success, Big L appeared to be on the verge of a breakthrough in 1999. Mase and Cam'Ron, two of his partners in the early '90s group Children of the Corn, went on to MTV stardom, but Big L's 1995 Columbia debut, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, only earned limited critical attenĀ­tion. At the time of his death, though, Big L's independently released single, "Ebonics," was receiving consistent airplay on the indie-centric radio mix shows hosted by WKCR's Bobbito Garcia and WNYU's DJ Eclipse. In July of 2000, his posthumous sophomore full length The Big Picture was released to critical raves and phenomenal sales. Both releases have gone on to scan over 731K units in the US alone!

With last years "Return of the Devil's Son" that featured unreĀ­leased material, the thrist for more Big L material has had a second awakening. With "The Danger Zone", Big L's estate is looking to give the die hards what they have been looking for. After 10 plus years of his fans listening to shoddy bootleg dubs, the estate has digitally remastered some of Big L's finest tracks and freestyles (along with previously unreleased material) so fans can properly complete their Big L collection.

Hitting the streets on May 31st, The Danger Zone brings the heat. Correctly.
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