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Big Spider's Back - 'Memory Man' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Big Spider's Back - 'Memory Man' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Big Spider's Back - 'Memory Man' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Big Spider's Back - 'Memory Man' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Big Spider's Back

Memory Man

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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With his breathtaking debut album Memory Man, Big Spider's Back (aka Yair Rubinstein) expands on the dreamy, psychedelic sample-based pop from his Warped EP, and pushes his unique sound into a mind-blowing array of new territory. Incorporating everything from British library music to Indian film soundtracks and field recordings, the album flows gracefully between ambient avalanches of sound and hauntingly ethereal vocals, sitting on top of a lush bed of hip-hop and dubstep-inspired beats. The album borrows themes based around memory from a wide array of classic sci-fi books and comics, ranging from J. G. Ballard to William Gibson.

Recorded in the past year both in his garage studio in Seattle and new adopted hometown of Brooklyn, the record is Rubinstein's first effort completely recorded and mixed on his own, save guest contributions and production work from Seattle friends USF. His cross-country relocation coincides with big refinements in his sound, focusing on drum programming more than previous efforts. The more drum-centric approach presents a new style for Big Spider's Back, providing a solid foundation for his lush array of ecstatic, joyfully sung melodies that are staple for the young producer.

At once melancholic, and other times joyful and ecstatic, Memory Man is a diverse and richly-detailed album that rewards repeated listens, and manages to stay consistent and emotionally resonant and compelling.
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