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Big Twins & Twiz The Beat Pro

Rotten Apple


With Queensbridge rap heavyweights Big Twins and Prodigy as your guides, get ready for a tour of the city that never sleeps in the visuals for "Rotten Apple," directed by Fahargo Filmz.

Similar to Twins' previously released visuals for "Rap Star," this track also stems from his exalted LP, TNT,' with producer Twiz The Beat Pro. And its Pro's instrumental that helps make "Rotten Apple" especially filthy, because he flips a wailing "New York!" vocal sample amidst lounge-y piano keys, laid-back guitars, and head-nodding drums.

As you might expect, "Rotten Apple" also makes for the perfect soundtrack for Twins and Prodigy's aforementioned jaunt through NYC. They post up on a rooftop and hit the streets while the Fahargo Filmz crew splices in footage of what makes the city so unique (the people and the culture, of course). Thankfully, they left out anything too literal from Twins' line of "Millions of people, but probably got more rats."