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Big Twins - 'The Grimey Collection' [CD]
Big Twins - 'The Grimey Collection' [CD]
Big Twins - 'The Grimey Collection' [CD]
Big Twins - 'The Grimey Collection' [CD]

Big Twins

The Grimey Collection


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As a precursor to the Big Twins album later this year, Dirt Class Records compiles The Grimey Collection. Containing hard-to-find buzz songs, mixtape bangers and exclusive debuts, The Grimey Collection wets the audience's appetite for that true-to-the-streets QB brand Hip Hop. This Spring, Big Twins appears on Prodigy's album HNIC2, a surefire release set to garner the attention of fans and critics alike. Twins' appearance on this highly anticipated record brings the seasoned vet into the public light like never before as a viable solo artist, and sets the tone for The Grimey Collection and his coming solo LP. On this project, you find collaborations with West Coast heavyweights Alchemist and Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), along with QB cohorts, Ty Nitty, Big Noyd and Godfather. Mobb Deep's own Prodigy spatters this release with his signature swag by both introducing the project and contributing two songs and Havoc laces Twin with a gruesome beat on "Sold My Soul". A project that puts current albums to shame, The Grimey Collection is just the beginning... Keep your ear to the streets.
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