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Big Twins - 'The Project Kid' [CD]
Big Twins - 'The Project Kid' [CD]
Big Twins - 'The Project Kid' [CD]
Big Twins - 'The Project Kid' [CD]

Big Twins

The Project Kid


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Big Twins (aka Twin Gambino) is a Queensbridge original. He emerged early from the Mobb Deep camp and appeared on each of their trend-setting records, but it was with the addition of Alchemist to the crew that Twin really filled his potential. Alchemist jumped on-board with a vengeance and took the Infamous Mobb under his wing by forging the underground hit, "Special Edition". Meanwhile, recognizing the immense potential in Twin's gritty voice and reckless personality, he focused heavily on their own partnership. Alc and Twin continued this chemistry on the road, where they mashed through Europe as a duo and further popularized their names.

Over the years, Big Twins has continued to embody the raw sound that fans still desire from Hip Hop in it's authentic form and this is precisely what he delivers in his official debut, The Project Kid; an uncut presentation of QB street narrative. The album is littered with guests, but is led by the appearance of (currently-incarcerated) Prodigy. Though Prodigy managed to record a wealth of music before he was sent away, these three songs are the only as-yet un-released of the bunch. Alchemist also makes an appearance on the mic, along with Godfather, and Un Pacino (of Hard White), but Twin's true backbone is solidified by his top-shelf cast of producers. Alchemist heads the charge with three brand-new bangers, Havoc laces us with two, and the remainder are expertly procured by Jake One and Sid Roams, both donating some of the heaviest beats of the moment.

This album is a true harkening to what made QB an epicenter for this music: authentic creativity born in the streets and delivered to the people. The raw answer to the fleeting hi-gloss of today...
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