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Big Youth - 'Screaming Target' [CD]

Big Youth

Screaming Target



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Big Youth's debut full-length album, 1973's Gussie Clark-produced Screaming Target, was an instant classic, showcasing Youth's uncanny ability to transfer the vitality and energy of Jamaica's dancehall sound to the studio setting. But Youth did more than that. Recognizing that if one is given the chance to say something, then one ought to have something useful to say, he lifted the art of DJ toasting to the level of art by intelligently incorporating bits of Rastafarian wisdom, pop-culture references (frequently connected to the world of cinema), children's rhymes and key lines from traditional Jamaican mento folk tunes into his toasts to create a music that both drew from and added to the classic island rhythms he used, ultimately creating a template that allowed constructive cultural themes to be reintroduced into the frequently slack dancehall scene. An essential Jamaican album in its original ten-song incarnation, Trojan has here reissued it with fourteen bonus tracks that include the original vocal cuts Youth used for his versions, along with some marvelous dub versions (check out the stunning "Skylarking" alternate dub that is included here), and the end result is a disc that more than doubles the length of the original album while showcasing its origins, history and development in a seamless exploration of both the era and Big Youth's unique transformation of it. If Screaming Target was essential before, in this expanded reissue, it becomes doubly so.
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