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Binkis Recs

Interview (At A3C - Atlanta, GA - 3/22/08)


Jax passed away within months of this interview. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and the members of Binkis Recs (below).
BINKIS \bink-kiss\n. A collection of deadly crowd motivators (Jax, Flux, Killa Kalm and DJ Mafioso) ~ adj 1. A sound effect used to describe the enlightenment of the sleeping public. 2. Extreme display of personality and fun. 3. To add color to a gathering [lively]. ~ abbr Before Ignorant Ni%#a's Killed Intelligent Songs!"
  • Apr 13, 2009
  • 05:53
  • Interviews
  • Flux; Jax; Killa Kalm
  • Van Stylez