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Bizzy Bone - 'Crossroads: 2010' [CD]
Bizzy Bone - 'Crossroads: 2010' [CD]
Bizzy Bone - 'Crossroads: 2010' [CD]
Bizzy Bone - 'Crossroads: 2010' [CD]

Bizzy Bone

Crossroads: 2010


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For the first time in eight years, legendary rapper BIZZY BONE has reunited with the Grammy winning, 50 million records sold, international sensation group BONE THUGS N HARMONY. This couldn't have come at a better time for his career and for his new genre transcending urban rock album, CROSSROADS 2010 featuring I SEE STARS, FLESH-N-BONE, JAH FREE + more. Now we know the first thing all you buyers will be saying - he puts out a new record every day on a new label. Allow us to clarify the reality here - BIZZY BONE has only put out three albums in the past that were actually pushed by him and properly promoted to the public. They were : Heaven'z Movie (1998) went gold and broke 700K - The Gift (2001) - and A Song For You (2008) BIZZY went through a very dark period in his life due to drug and alcohol abuse when he was not in BONE THUGS N HARMONY. In order to financially survive, he would literally go in to a studio for one night and cut an entire album for some small label that would pay him a lump sum of $ as soon as he arrived. Those days are long gone and we must ask you to acknowledge that CROSSROADS 2010 is in a completely different realm than the past two releases he put out solely to keep his head above water monetarily. (Back With The Thugz 1 & 2) BIZZY has been working closely with Sumerian/Sphinx City for an entire year on CROSSROADS 2010. He knows this is his real chance to make it back to the top and that is why he has focused all his time and energy in to this album. Welcome to a new decade and a new era of BIZZY BONE; the superstar we all once loved is back. BIZZY has an incredible management team working for him now, Jamie Adler and Steve Lobel, who also handle IYAZ (just sold 2.8 million singles of the hit single REPLAY), Sean Kingston and many other successful gold & platinum artists. BIZZY is finally sober again and focused on making CROSSROADS 2010 the definitive comeback break through album. Just days ago, BIZZY participated in one of the biggest events in music, the "WE ARE THE WORLD 2010" superstar gathering. We've included pics that show BIZZY with some of the biggest artists out right now including AKON, KANYE WEST, LIL WAYNE, T-PAIN, SNOOP DOGG and even JUSTIN BEIBER! :) The official BIZZY BONE myspace will be completely focused solely on the promotion of CROSSROADS 2010, along with his official Facebook and Twitter. All the BTNH fan sites (, and more) are greatly anticipating the release of this record. BIZZY will be performing w/ I SEE STARS @ Warped Tour all Summer long, as well as playing after parties at nightclubs with other Warped Tour bands backing him. BONE THUGS N HARMONY, now reunited with all original 5 members, are putting out a new album on Warner entitled "UNI-5: The World's Enemy." Right around this same time, BIZZY will be releasing CROSSROADS 2010. BIZZY is the ONLY member of BTNH who is not signed to Warner as an artist, therefore all the attention will be on his new solo album since no other members will be able to release any material outside of BTNH. BTNH will be on tour through-out the second half of March, the entire month of April and in to May. BIZZY is undeniably the most popular member of BTNH, which can be proven by his online statistics through Google, Myspace as well as all the Bone Thugs fan pages, forums/msgboards and websites. Tour dates are below. At the start of this new decade, we ask you to open your mind, your heart and your ears to the true return of BIZZY BONE.
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