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Blacastan & ColomBeyond & Ricky Powell

Blac Sabbath Photo Shoot Pt. 1 (In The Streets Of NYC - New York, NY - 3/14/09)


The first installment of the two-part series chronicling the Blacastan & ColomBeyond NYC photo shoot with legendary street photographer Ricky Powell. The pictures from this shoot are included on the enhanced CD for Blacastan's official debut album, Brick Records release "Blac Sabbath" available at UGHH here.

- Music from Blacastan's Brick Records debut "Blac Sabbath."
- Commentary from an ever-crass, yet hilarious Ricky Powell, including choice nuggets such as "I remember saying 'Oh My God this is where Dr. J taped his ankles,'" while banging a chick on the trainers table in the rec room at The Spectrum in Philly during the Beastie Boy's "Licensed To Ill" Tour in 1987. Ricky goes on to give us more behind the scenes hip-hop history when he voices his deja-vu over a previous photo shoot with the legendary duo Showbiz & AG.