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Black Landlord - 'Addicted To Distraction' [CD]
Black Landlord - 'Addicted To Distraction' [CD]
Black Landlord - 'Addicted To Distraction' [CD]
Black Landlord - 'Addicted To Distraction' [CD]

Black Landlord

Addicted To Distraction


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Rolling Stone describes this 9-piece musical machine as "what would happen if KRS-One and James Brown showed up at your house and then wouldn't leave." We just say it's the best fucking record we've put out in years. Highly anticipated coast-to-coast this is pure Big Band Hip Hop Soul Music from the City of Brotherly Love. The founder and lead singer, Maxx Stoyanoff-Willilams, was the lead rapper of Philly's pride and joy The Goats where he became motivated politically and musically. Maxx helped write the groundbreaking LP Tricks Of The Shade (1992). In 1997 Maxx formed Incognegro with DJ Smoove and Mark Boyce, releasing Incognegro's self-titled and critically acclaimed album. On the road for two years, Maxx met French electro producers Olaf Hund and Leonard de Leonard. In 1999 Maxx moved to Berlin (far from his hometown roots of North Philly), to work with Olaf and Leonard de Leonard on his solo album. He wrapped it up in only 3 years (!!!) whereupon he went straight back to Philly and enlisted a crew of friends to bring the electro hip hop tracks to life. Thus began Black Landlord.
The crew is made up of local musicians whom Maxx had worked with or partied with in some shape or form over the years. Drummer Bob Bannon (Psyclone Rangers, Betty White Trash) and bass player Bruce Russell Rekon (The Goats, Delta 72, Incognegro, Strapping Fieldhands) were the first people Maxx called. After laying down the basics, he brough in horn players Michael Tramontana, Kenneth Brune and Henning Thomas. The finishing touches were done with guitar player Adam Campos of Puerto Rico, percussion player Mark Soulstien and backup vocalist Al Tango of South Philly. Mark Boyce (The Goats, G-Love) smoothed it all out with new keyboard and the record was complete. This extended collective process transformed the original hip hop tracks into a much bigger, organic sound. Inspired by the funk and soul of Motown and Stacks recording artists, Black Landlord is all about making ya move. The live shows are filled with the energy of a backyard BBQ or North Philly Block Party. Black Landlord is, at the end of the day, friends playing music that makes them happy.
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