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Black Pegasus - 'Fuck Yo! Radio' [CD]

Black Pegasus

Fuck Yo! Radio


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  • Oct 03, 2006
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 800828255121
  • LUG1006CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • LA Underground
  • Trigg
Black Pegasus is a Hip-Hop artist blowing-up in the Southwest. He is the most successful solo artist out of the Denver Metro region. With a foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he has hand-crafted a dedicated following of thousands over the past years, by performing and battling in the Mid West and South West. Black Pegasus started his official career in 2001, when he went to Austin, Texas, to the SXSW music conference with producer Base Jase. There he hooked up with Chuck D, who played Black P's demos on his radio show, Bring the Noise. Later that year, Black Pegasus embarked on his first album with the group F.O.S. (Fusion of Syllables) using a quote from Chuck D," F.O.S. These Kids are Hot", to lead the album off. Shortly thereafter, the group disbanded and Black Pegasus started his solo career.
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