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Blastah Beatz - 'Graduate Studies' [CD]
Blastah Beatz - 'Graduate Studies' [CD]
Blastah Beatz - 'Graduate Studies' [CD]
Blastah Beatz - 'Graduate Studies' [CD]

Blastah Beatz

Graduate Studies


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Blastah Beatz is a newcomer in hip hop production, yet he has already collaborated on albums by Kool G Rap, Busta Rhymes, Joe Budden, and Chamillionaire, his production alongside Alchemist, Havoc and Dj Premier.

Joe Budden in particular has praise for his beats, and this effort is ones first opportunity to take a full measurement of his work. Blastah Beatz produces/composes in an organic manner, a boom bap hinge between its fundamental roots and of the more recent influences, such as Roc-a-Fella and Kanye West. The ambient environments on "Graduate Studies" alternate between soulful, with more military orchestrations, throbbing pitched voices, or high-strung with more nervous and telluric overtones.

Blastah Beatz changes his productions' atmospheres consistently as an exercise in contrast. The vocal guests (Inspectah Deck, Papoose, Aloe Blacc, Del, Pumpkinhead, Murs, Presto, Joe Budden, Canibus, Block McCloud, Hell Razah, Cappadonna, Imam Thug) each shine in their individual style, the beats suiting each rappers' delivery perectly - it's as if he composed tracks for each vocal style! The first stake for this young producer, he has put the bar high.
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