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<!--2011072654-->Bloodbath - 'Special Forces' [(Gray) T-Shirt]


Special Forces



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Lets start from inside out. The camouflage is a custom pattern that we have coined: Global Camo. It"s a reasonable name for it since the shapes roughly resemble the major land masses on the earth. Using the continents to create something that signifies armed force (usually the war generals call it "defense"), is a symbolic gesture that foreshadows the next world war. It"s only a matter of time before the power hungry end up strapping up and start bombing each other.

Another important thing to note, is that the statement along the banner that says: "Liberation through Creativity" directs the force of the matter to an artistic sense of looking at things. Bloodbath uses clothing as a rebellion against a system that promotes apathy and indifference. The style is bulletproof, and we hope that our message translates through the garments we make - and provoke thought...that will someday blossom into action.

Besides, the opposite of war isn"t peace. It"s creation.