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Bloodline - 'Let The Blood Spill' [CD]
Bloodline - 'Let The Blood Spill' [CD]
Bloodline - 'Let The Blood Spill' [CD]
Bloodline - 'Let The Blood Spill' [CD]


Let The Blood Spill


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Bloodline was founded by Venom & Malikiah from Brooklyn and Queens, New York & Lord Lhus out of Columbia, SC in 2005.
Venom & Malikiah are hardcore NYHC/Metal musicians spawning from bands such as FUSE, Broken Pieces, EMANON, Out Of Line etc. and have been partners in music since the early 1990's.
Growing up in the underground hardcore metal and hip-hop scene in NY, Venom and Malikiah formed a network, but more importantly a tight knit family with artists such as Verbal Harassment(Curt Digga, Lotto, HBO), Sworn Enemy, Through The Discipline, Full Blown Chaos, DJ KO, OMN999 (Flatlinerz/Gravediggaz), Grym Reaper aka Too Poetic(Gravediggaz), Shaqueen aka Ma Barker & others.
While relocating and looking for beats they found the third member of BLOODLINE- Lord Lhus, an independent under ground emcee, who fit the profile. Lhus comes from a strong hip-hop unit out of Columbia- The Underground Sound Chamber, which consists of a bregade of experienced emcees who have opened for acts such as Master P.
Also, out of Columbia came Bloodline super producer/emcee Eternel, where Both him and Lhus were rhyming in the group The Scykoticz also featuring Unknown of Wyze Mindz. The four- Venom, Malikiah, Lord Lhus & Eternel, immediately joined forces to create BLOODLINE- a PURE, UNDERGROUND movement to resurrect hip-hop from its shallow grave.
BLOODLINE has collaborated with producers and emcees such as- OMN999, Psych Ward, Goretex, Al'tarba (France), Jak Progresso, Planet X, Savage Brothers, Benzie (Netherlands), Mr.Morbid (Netherlands), Dr.Ama (Wu-Tang affiliate) Little Vic & MANY MORE.
Now, BLOODLINE's first LP- 'Let The Blood Spill' has finally touched surface. Their first EP 'Empire of Blood' was a collaboration of unreleased, high quality demo's. Songs such as Crucifixion, Emanon, and the original Let the Blood Spill launched them into the underworld with a style that reached hardcore hiphop/metal listeners Worldwide while showing no mercy."Let the Blood Spill" is just the begining- keep your ears to the pavement.
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