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Blu - 'NoYork (O Cover)' [CD]
Blu - 'NoYork (O Cover)' [CD]
Blu - 'NoYork (O Cover)' [CD]
Blu - 'NoYork (O Cover)' [CD]


NoYork (O Cover)


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Experience an experiment turned masterpiece..."NoYork"! When asked about the title selected, Blu explains, "It's not a state, it's a state of mind." Around the world Blu has created a massive following through consistently releasing top notch projects, presenting it in a way that listeners not only relate, but also reelect the many messages that he gets across through his music. Following the success of his highly heralded "Below The Heavens", "Johnson & Jonson", and "HerFavoriteColo(u)r", Blu reenters the world of music w/ "NoYork", a 14 song album filled with poetic twists and turns, cinematic tales of real life and imagination, and deep urban scapes only Blu as an artist can paint.

"NoYork" covers a wide spectrum of sound displaying the production of such beat icons as Flying Lotus, Exile, Madlib, Shafiq Husayn, Daedalus, & Samiyam. Blu's theory to apply timeless vocals over memorable instrumentals works in a way that he now forefronts a new genre, placing the LA beat scene on a much deserved pedestal. Within the detailed textures of "NoYork", it is apparent that Blu is influenced by many other genres than just hip hop. Possessing more electronic moods than just hip hop. Possessing more electronic moods than his previous releases, trails of psych rock, dub, broken beats, and jazz, all mix together to create a perfect representation of the artist that Blu has evolved into. In the earlier part of the album, songs like "Doing Nothing" & "Above Crenshaw" remind all of how Blu has mastered his craft and has worked passionately towards his kingship. Uptempo synth driven songs like "Annie Hall" and "Work" show his diversity in being able to step out of the box and give you a glimpse of the maximum potential that he possesses. Midway through "NoYork", Blu falls back into his nostalgic portal, full of stylee rap bars and sample-based music, often explored in his previous projects. Receiving over 100,000 views in the first week, the first video for the song "Sunshine" touches on familiar vibes and topics that many of the his previous fans are used to, but at the same time creating a much-needed balance between golden era hip hop and the future of music.
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