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Blue Sky Black Death - 'A Heap Of Broken Images' [CD [2CD]]
Blue Sky Black Death - 'A Heap Of Broken Images' [CD [2CD]]
Blue Sky Black Death - 'A Heap Of Broken Images' [CD [2CD]]
Blue Sky Black Death - 'A Heap Of Broken Images' [CD [2CD]]

Blue Sky Black Death

A Heap Of Broken Images

CD [2CD]

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Blue Sky Black Death is the dynamic new production team of Kingston and Young God. Sharing a penchant for tasteful instrumental hip-hop and traditional underground emcees, the two work as complimentary halves the same mind. Since 2004, Kingston has built a solid reputation with his work on albums by Boston legend Virtuoso, Babygrande's flamethrower Jus Allah, and Philadelphia truth-teller Chief Kamachi. He has found an ideal partner in Young God. The Bay Area studio maverick's attention to detail, vast beat library, and audiofile ear have helped Kingston step his productions to the next level. Their combined productions stay true to classic hip-hop foundations while incorporating left-field elements that are all their own. Blue Sky Black Death is a welcome addition to Mush's growing family of production talents.

Blue Sky Black Death step on the scene with their double CD debut, A Heap of Broken Images. Comprised of producers Kingston and Young God, this San Francisco tandem explores the nether regions of hip-hop, meshing dark samples, vocal snippets and live intrumentation into an album that holds its mood from start to finish. The first CD consists entirely of dense instrumental music, while the second is structured around guest emcees. Jus Allah, Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers), Sabac Red (Non-Phixion), Guru (Gang Starr), Chief Kamachi, A-Plus and Pep Love (Hieroglyphics), Rob Sonic, Virtuoso, Mikah-9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Awol One, and Holocaust (Wu-Tang) all appear. This deep line up of collaborations spans the spectrum of hip-hop sound with stirring cohesion.
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