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Blue Sky Black Death - 'Noir' [CD]
Blue Sky Black Death - 'Noir' [CD]
Blue Sky Black Death - 'Noir' [CD]
Blue Sky Black Death - 'Noir' [CD]

Blue Sky Black Death



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The Seattle based production duo Blue Sky Black Death is back to what they do best: cinematic, epic, shoegaze influenced instrumental hip hop. Although Kingston and Young God have always strayed from the expected by doing everything from indie rock influenced soundscapes to synth pop to hardcore boom bap (with the likes of Guru, Jean Grae, Hieroglyphics, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc) they have always maintained an unrivaled level of quality and consistency with all of their work. Their 2008 instrumental record "Late Night Cinema" is commonly thought of as their master work to date with critics such as XLR8R Magazine saying "Late Night Cinema may be categorized as "Hip Hop", but it's better suited for the opera hall than your trunk." 2011's Fake Four Inc. release of NOIR is the official followup to Late Night Cinema filled with epic soundscapes, cracking drums and soulful samples it is certain to make new fans notice while pleasing anyone who has ever been a fan of Blue Sky Black Death.

On "Noir" BLUE SKY BLACK DEATH seamlessly fuse elements from all of their previous releases to create a gorgeous washed out landscape of grandiose yet nostalgic and emotional instrumental pieces with subtle vocals scattered accross a surreal world they've pieced together. The familiar BSBD "Third Party" sound of manipulated 808 drum machines melded with an endless blanket of reverb-drenched keyboards meets the classic "Late Night Cinema" sound of layered string arrangements, booming drums and subtle samples. The final product is one of those truly moving pieces of music that have a way of transporting the listener into the artists' alternate universe.
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