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Bo Diddley - 'Big Bad Bo' [CD]

Bo Diddley

Big Bad Bo



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  • Mar 13, 2012
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
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  • GET54047CD
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  • Get On Down
How do we begin an introduction about Bo Diddley? Rhythm and Blues Foundation Lifetime Achievement award honoree? Rock and Roll Hall of Famer? Grammy Award winner? Or simply... "The Originator". The late Bo Diddley was all of those things and so much more.

Usually found strumming that old rectangular guitar of his, Bo Diddley covered an array of genres in his lifelong music career; rock, funk, soul, jazz, R&B, blues, Bo could do it all. He even pioneered a signature rhythm. The affectionately titled Bo Diddley beat is one of rock & roll's bedrock rhythms, showing up in the works of artists like the Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, The Clash and more.

Big Bad Bo sure plays like he is big and bad on this early 70s era classic. He traded in his signature scratchy guitar sound for a funkier, tighter, and crisper sound. While the album rings of experimentation, the results are flawless and the funk is flowing through the legend on songs such as "Stop The Pusher" and "Bite You". Bo keeps it real bluesy on tracks like "Evelee" and the Native Tongues famously sampled "Hit or Miss" for the classic De La Soul song "Buddy".

Available for the first time in generations, Get On Down is proud to present Bo Diddley's classic "Big Bad Bo" as it was intended to be heard. This repackaged digpak CD contains digitally enhanced audio, remastered from the original Chess records master tapes and delivered straight to your home hi-fi in stunning high definition sound. Just another timeless classic, available again from the fine folks at Get On Down.
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