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Boba Fettucini Presents - 'Carlito's Way: Brigante Breaks' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Boba Fettucini Presents

Carlito's Way: Brigante Breaks

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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"OKAY I'M RELOADED!" You have heard the phrase plenty of times and you've heard Al Pacino's lovable gangster role from "Carlito's Way" reincarnated on Jay-Z albums and mixtapes. That raspy voice is now brought right to your turntables on "Carlito's Way: Brigante Breaks". The LP provides soundbytes, breakbeats and DJ tools all taken from the set and the score of the Brian DePalma classic. Boba Fettucini (of Jawa Breaks and Napoleon Dynamite Liger Breaks fame) provides the tracks and the samples, and his product is always top notch. "YOU GONNA DIE, BIG TIME!!" Get with this album today!
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