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Body Bag Syndikate - 'In The Company Of Others' [CD]

Body Bag Syndikate

In The Company Of Others


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Body Bag Syndikate is a Denver-based Hardcore Hip Hop duo that formed in 2011. Franky Grudge originally conceived the idea in 2009 while serving a five year DOC sentence and had envisioned a larger collaborative group, however after experimenting with several projects he and Anthraxe Killah decided that a duo would be the best fit. Both artists come from diverse musical backgrounds; Grudge coming from a predominately Metal and Hardcore background while Anthraxe had his roots in mostly classic Hip Hop and R&B.

When the group first formed people questioned whether the two would mesh well based on their previous projects, different musical tastes, and personas. Skepticism aside, they created a unique, diverse sound that is truly one of a kind. The group has performed live numerous times locally headlining, opening for national headliners, as well as touring outside of their hometown. BBS displays an aggressive energy not only in their live shows and in the studio, but also in life in general.
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