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Boom Vox - 'Shoot The Moon' [CD]
Boom Vox - 'Shoot The Moon' [CD]
Boom Vox - 'Shoot The Moon' [CD]
Boom Vox - 'Shoot The Moon' [CD]

Boom Vox

Shoot The Moon


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From the outside, singer Sam Scott and true-school rapper Al-J, are an unlikely hip hop duo. Sam is an earnest-eyed Twin Cities native with a boyish smile and golden pipes. Boston-bred Al-J is known for his aggressive flow and flares of eccentricity. But Boston hip hop promoter and CEO of Leedz Edutainment, Ned Wellbery, saw potential. "We have two very different styles but Ned said he wanted us to try to put an album together and see what happens," Scott said. "I didn't know Al very well personally, but I liked his voice." So every Tuesday for the last six months, Al and Sam have been meeting together to meld their distinct styles, a marriage they say is grounded in their willingness to experiment with different sounds. "Boom Vox is funky, it's new, it's a breath of fresh air," Al said. "It's that nerdy type of rap that's coming back from the days of De La Soul. Then you hear Sam singing, and you're blown away." It wasn't always easy going, Scott said, there were some rough patches along the way, but the two were able to take their differences and use them to push each other creatively. "It's a very interesting relationship because it's both very creative and very personal," Scott said. "When you're writing music, you're writing from your heart. Both Al and I seem to take that very seriously."

Their album, Shoot the Moon, promises to "pack a punch," Al said. Radio-ready and filled with positive messages, Al said it's an album he wouldn't hesitate to play for his kids.

"All walks of life can gravitate to Boom Vox," says AL-J. "Our songs are about things that everyone can relate to."
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