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Bougaloo - 'Synonym' [CD]





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Bougaloo's "Synonym" stands for not to continue the very personal way of telling stories but to find other ways of telling the same thing with the same feelings without telling what has really happened. It also stands for impressions he had no words for, yet. "Synonym" isn't just more extensive than his older LP's, but also a part of a musical process which has been announced in the last years. It's still hip hop, but his musical influences are now audible in his own music as well and for the first time the productions aren't just by himself. He worked together with Speck (Producer of CYNE, CCO, USA), Mr Cooper (Producer of Amateur Dramatics & Mummy Fortuna's Theatre Company, Lex, GBR), Einz and most of all Gordon (Project: MoonCircle) and he had a lot of interesting vocal guests, too. "Synoynm" continues what the older records have begun. The album is more electronic, more musical, more diversified and the lyrics became more versatile and more mature. An album for the last days in winter.
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