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Bound By Honor - 'B For Vendetta' [CD]
Bound By Honor - 'B For Vendetta' [CD]
Bound By Honor - 'B For Vendetta' [CD]
Bound By Honor - 'B For Vendetta' [CD]

Bound By Honor

B For Vendetta


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Rapper Big John decided it was time to step away from rapping solo, start working harder, and create a group with fellow Tacoma rapper Mic Daily. Taking time off to improve writing, beat selection, and give you the biggest bang for your buck the group "Bound By Honor" was formed.
In this 20 track album, Big John and Mic Daily consistently catch wreck on beat after beat with an array tongue twisting and mind bending cadence. Big John and Mic Daily decided they were tired of short albums, lazy rhymes, and ordinary producers. This album takes on many different styles of hip hop including, hardcore, feel good, symphony, and even soul. The album features Chino XL, Esoteric, Rugged Intellect, and Raydar Ellis. Production by: Kutmasta Kurt, DC The Midi Alien, Raydar Ellis, Loptimist, and Big John himself. These boys even did a Spanish fiesta type song produced by the legendary Kutmasta Kurt who also produced "Character Assassination" featuring Chino XL.
All an all "Bound By Honor" is a dedication to quality hip hop, to improve every time, and give you something better to listen to.
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