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BPos - 'The Upside' [CD]
BPos - 'The Upside' [CD]
BPos - 'The Upside' [CD]
BPos - 'The Upside' [CD]


The Upside


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BPos, short for Be Positive, is San Francisco's newest underground Hip-Hop freshness. While creating a brand new sound that is entirely their own, Goodword, D-Wiz and DJ Johnny Venetti have grown their style from the roots of Hip-Hop music. Creative story lines, innovative beats, and brilliant mixing and scratching are a few of the key elements that helped catapult BPos' debut album, The Upside, to #4 on the CMJ Hip-Hop chart in 2010.

With so much popular hip-hop these days veering toward the more negative, mean mugging, and macho posturing end of the rap spectrum, it is refreshing to encounter an alternately positive crew like the San Francisco hip-hop trio BPos, whose name literally stands for "Be Positive" and whose attitude follows suit. Their mantra is, "To be positive is not to miss the facts and see the downside -- not being blind to it, but to work toward a brighter side."

Following years of honing their individual skills on the local underground hip-hop scene, it seems like BPos' members are finally about to garner the level of respect that they truly deserve and have rightly earned. "Venetti has been DJ'ing at least three nights a week at various clubs around the city for over ten years, but he never really had anything substantial to show for all his years of work. D-Wiz has been making beats for little underground projects here and there and rhyming in the 'Sco since the early 90's," shared Goodward.

He continued, "[And] I put out three solo records over the past ten years and have toured nationally six or seven times. But for all the years of work we all have put in, dues paid and what not, not one of us really has anything to show for it but some fond memories." Goodward admitted that the temptation to become disenchanted and cynical towards music and the music business was inviting, but that as a trio, united by their love of hip-hop, they have made a steadfast point of remaining positive. "We all saw this group as an opportunity to not only make great music, but to also keep our heads in the right place."

Coming up in the competitive hip-hop environment that is the Bay Area has helped BPos work harder, said Goodword. "Hip-hop fans put you through the ringer out here. You really gotta prove your worth. If you wanna come up out here, it's gonna take time and your gonna have to earn your stripes." And one thing that the discerning Bay Area hip-hop connoisseur appreciates is when a group like BPos keeps the genre close to its roots by including the DJ. "With us, DJ Venetti is like Mase or Chief XL. If he ain't there, BPos ain't really there. And at the live show, you can tell that we put in mad work to make sure that we are giving the fans what they paid good money for. I think more artists need to realize the importance of the DJ. It's a key component of the culture of hip hop. A good DJ's presence is always felt at a live show."
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