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Braille - 'The IV Edition' [CD]
Braille - 'The IV Edition' [CD]
Braille - 'The IV Edition' [CD]
Braille - 'The IV Edition' [CD]


The IV Edition


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April 15th (TAX DAY) 2008 marks the official release date of Braille's forth solo album "The IV Edition". Although Braille has remained independent through most of his career, he embraced the opportunity to partner with Syntax/Koch for this landmark record. "The IV" (pronounce I-VEE) represents the roman numeral four (forth album), as well as a slew of other acronyms and metaphors used to describe the vision behind the music. The record plays like a celebration soundtrack touching on a wide variety of topics including marriage, death, temptation, and growth. Within the "celebration" theme Braille pairs himself up with a different producer for each track. The cast includes friends, artists Braille has been a fan of and even some international artists that he met during his travels. Some notables on that list include OhNo (Stones Throw), Marco Polo (Rawkus), Rob Swift, Speech (Arrested Development), DJ Spinna, Kno (CunninLynguists), S1 (Strange Fruit Project), Ohmega Watts (Ubiquity) and J-Zone.
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