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Brand Nubian - 'The Now Rule Files EP (1989-1997) (Crispy Nuggets: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Brand Nubian - 'The Now Rule Files EP (1989-1997) (Crispy Nuggets: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Brand Nubian - 'The Now Rule Files EP (1989-1997) (Crispy Nuggets: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Brand Nubian - 'The Now Rule Files EP (1989-1997) (Crispy Nuggets: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Brand Nubian

The Now Rule Files EP (1989-1997) (Crispy Nuggets: 2 of 5)

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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After a LONG and protracted hiatus, DJ 4XL is finally back to continue on with OLU's groundbreaking new "Crispy Nuggets" series! This time, OLU has gotten down with the legendary Grand Puba Maxwell to dust off some unreleased Brand Nubian flavor!!!

One Leg Up has quite a few surprises with this new series, and are proud to unearth seven Brand Nubian rarities; all done before and in between the classic LPs of "One For All", "Reel To Reel" and "Foundation". Of course, as usual, there is some serious hip-hop history behind these tracks...

"How Ya Livin'" is a previously unheard of demo recorded prior to "One For All" and it is produced by none other than, the chocolate boy wonder, Pete Rock! The vintage track comes complete with the Soul Brother #1's trademark cuts as well. "I Ain't Goin' Out Like That" is an uptempo early Nubian joint as well. On this track you hear Puba taking parting shots at Strong City Records and declaring that both his Masters of Ceremony days and style is over! "The Devil" is a conscious record, that was scrapped prior to "One For All", but serious Grand Puba fans will undoubtedly recognize that the hook and song concept was later revisited for the track "Soul Controller" on Puba's debut LP, "Reel To Reel". "Mind Your Business", as you might recall, was a b-side only track released during "Reel To Reel". This original version sports a Hall and Oates sample that could not be cleared, prompting Dante Ross / Stimulated Dummies to remix the song for the 12". Fortunately in 2009, the version that Grand Puba preferred is finally available to collectors. "Where is Puba?" is somewhat of an early version of "Check It Out". The vocalist that appears on this track was an artist who Puba was recording with before Mary J. Blige. The original version of "Probable Cause" features a different beat then the one that made the final version of "Foundation". As you might recall, the released version used the Grover Washington Jr. "Knucklehead" sample (best known on K-Solo's "Fugitive"). Last but not least, the "Love vs. Hate" alternate version treats us to a completely different Sadat X vocal performance and still maintains to be a favorite from the "Foundation" project. Oh yeah, this EP is quite heavy! One Leg Up has returned from an extended absence, but is fast to make up for it with VINTAGE Brand Nubian....

The "Crispy Nuggets" series:

Remember, just like the previous "Heavy Pieces" series, this is 1 release out of 5 total limited releases put out in this set. As usual, the releases will be unexpected throughout the new "Crispy Nuggets" series and of course at the end of the new series, upon release of the final title, OLU is giving away another FREE bonus record; OLU-LTD2 - NASTY NAS - "Queensbridge Origins"! [1991 - 1993]! This extremely rare and exclusive bonus record will ONLY be available to purchasers of all five of our releases in this new series. This is OLU's way of showing love back to those of you who spend hard-earned money to support projects such as these that would otherwise be impossible to release. In order to qualify for the free bonus wax, it will require purchasing OLU-006, OLU-007, OLU-008, OLU-009 and OLU-010.
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