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Brother Ali - 'Us' [CD]
Brother Ali - 'Us' [CD]
Brother Ali - 'Us' [CD]
Brother Ali - 'Us' [CD]

Brother Ali



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Brother Ali returns with the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2007 album The Undisputed Truth. Us is an album about the people closest to Ali...those that have shaped him as a person. Many of the stories are ones we know exist but might not have a personal understanding of. American slavery from the perspective of the enslaved as well as those that carry the burden and bloodline of the slave master, rape and the struggle to regain control after experiencing it, drug abuse, depression, homophobia, divorce and more. All heavy topics that very few can approach with the same human touch and understanding as Ali. Make no mistake Us is definitely a heavy album but as always Ali finds time to celebrate not only life's blessings but his respect and love for the art of MC'ing as well.

As with all his previous releases, Ali's musical landscape has been crafted by Atmosphere beatsmith, Ant. Staying true to their soul and blues influence they've become known for, Us takes on a more lush and dense sonic quality with the duo's incorporation of live instrumentation. With guest appearances by Chuck D, Freeway, Joell Ortiz and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition, Brother Ali and Ant have once again crafted a beautifully intelligent and entertaining album for and about all of Us.
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