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Buckle Bros. - 'Underground Superstars' [CD]

Buckle Bros.

Underground Superstars


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The west is in the house oh my god! After numerous 12" inch releases under the moniker of B-Boy Plantation, your favorite Hip Hop crew has resurfaced as the Buckle Bros. Two actual brothers from the Bay who specialize in staying true to the roots of Hip Hop. This is the first full length release under the thick umbrella of upstart label Gory Island Music. "The music is soulful and the sound is hunger driven," says ITF World Champion DJ Flip. The Buckle Bros. have produced and rhymed on various projects with artist ranging from Craig G. to Wordsworth to Rasco to Prozack Turner. Live shows are another strong attribute that the crew possesses, performing shows with the likes of Dilated Peoples to De La Soul to Too Short. The journey continues with an 18 track banger called "Underground Superstars". The passion is without a doubt infectious and it shows on standout tracks "Product of divorce", "I Am" and "Sleep N Eat." The record is food for thought, take a bite... it just feels good!
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