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<!--020090407016649-->BUDs (Blow Up Dolls) - 'BUD (D.I.Y.)' [(Gray) Toy [Blank Do-It-Yourself]]

BUDs (Blow Up Dolls)

BUD (D.I.Y.)


Toy [Blank Do-It-Yourself]

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Product Details
  • 9"
  • JAM07TOY
  • 14.6 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Jamungo
  • Ferg; TVM
Jamungo's BUDs (Blow Up Dolls) were one of the most popular blind-boxed toy lines created. The 3.75" line was made up of 10 different designs on the same basic body. NADEs were made in the same scale as their BUD brethren. They were initially created in 2 colors - Gray and Orange. Due to the lines' popularity, Jamungo decided to create a 9" line of the figures starting off with blanks (white BUDs and NADEs). Now, Jamungo has brought back their classic DIY, but this time in gray. Both figures are packaged in the same military-like window-front box. Both the NADE and the BUD blank are 9" tall. They are made of rotocast vinyl, so they are light and hollow. The blank BUD comes with a match (also unpainted) for lighting its bomb-shaped head. Both the BUDs & NADEs are limited to 500. Get them while they last!