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<!--020091027018951-->BUDs (Blow Up Dolls) - 'BUNKR-BUSTR' [Toy [Blind Assortment]]

BUDs (Blow Up Dolls)


Toy [Blind Assortment]

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Product Details
BUNKR-BUSTR Blind Box series from Jamungo brings a whopping 16 different designs (8 regular and 8 clear variants). This is a fantastic opportunity to get several of the previously released BOTM now in blind box format with several new designs including the much anticipated "Le Che" by Kozik. Other artists include MCA, Bard, Ferg & VanBeater. For first time there are 4 different Jamungo sculpts in one series including Buds, Nades, A-Bomb, and Flamehead.

This item is Blind Assortment. What the %@*# is BLIND ASSORTMENT? When you purchase blind assortment figures they come packaged in identical boxes. The boxes are the same in every way and you can not see what is inside! On the side of the boxes will be a list of different possible figures. One of these figures awaits inside the box! The chances of you getting a particular figure are listed as percentage rates on the side of the box. These percentage rates are based on a sealed carton of figures. Some figures are harder to get than others. When you open the boxes the figure will be wrapped in foil. At this point you STILL cannot tell which figure you got! Foil is used to wrap the figure so people don't open the box and peek inside! It is also used so people don't scan the boxes under X-ray machines (Believe it or not, it DOES happen!).
Finally! After peeling through the foil you see which figure you got! If by chance you get a figure that is not listed on the side of the box, Congratulations! You have found a rare 'chase' figure! Some of these figures are so rare and limited that people pay BIG $$ for them (We're talking hundreds here!). Good Luck!