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Buff1 & 14KT

Interview Pt. 2 (Outside Of Great Scott - Allston, MA - 9/29/09)


Buff1 And 14KT remind us never to underestimate the trials and tribulations underground artists face (even after 13+ years in the game) as they reminisce on the horrific trip they took from Jersey to Detroit which inspired a verse off "The Loveliest" on Athletic Mic Leagues 2002 release, Sweats And Kicks. The two then face off with each other over who can list off the hottest albums to drop in the past few years, during which Buff1 relishes victory, naming some offbeat titles you might just wanna take heed to.
  • Dec 19, 2009
  • 04:48
  • Interviews
  • Athletic Mic League
  • Van Stylez